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A warm hello and thank you for visiting my site. I'm a counsellor trained in the person centred approach. I choose to work in this way as it honours you, the client, as the expert in your own experience. My aim is to create a supportive, non-judgmental, confidential environment to enable you to feel safe to share your thoughts and feelings. Rather than applying diagnoses and treatments from the outside, my endeavour is to work hand in hand with you to identify and explore what is troubling you and to find a way through and beyond your difficulties. 


I've  come to greatly appreciate and value the counselling relationship and consequent process of growth and healing through my experience of counselling as both client and counsellor. It is different to any other relationship in that the focus of attention is on you, the client, it is your opportunity to take time and space for yourself and your needs. The counselling process offers a unique opportunity to draw closer to understanding, valuing and caring for oneself.

Part of the beauty of the person-centred approach is that I can meet you with whatever issues you choose to bring and share. I am passionate about the work I do and see my own continuing personal and professional development as a crucial aspect in offering the best counselling environment for my clients. 

I welcome the opportunity to work with any and all new clients within my capabilitiy.  The beginning of each new relationship involves a whole host of feelings for counsellor and client.  I feel a sense of awe and appreciation for the willingness of any client to enter into counselling, taking those first steps into the unknown takes courage. Knowing where to go and who to see can be a difficult and confusing decision to make. Understanding this, I offer introductory sessions at a reduced rate so that we can meet one another and you can experience something of what the counselling environment is like. During that time we can learn more about each other and discuss what it is you would like to gain from counselling and work out how to shape the counselling to best fit your needs.


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For more information or to book an introductory session please call, text or email. 

Tel: 07834 780756